Typecasting and Stereotypical Nonsense in Hollywood

Hi guys!

So my last post focused on changing the way we see women through a powerful, but sneaky, way by switching up the vanilla flavor of stock photos. Today I also want to continue with the value of diversity and equal representation in the media. In Hollywood, most movies and tv shows feature all white casts. When diversity is added, however, actors of different races or color, tend to only play stereotypical and supporting roles. What do I mean by this exactly? Well I have a video to show you guys that is a parody of the infamous song ” Royals”. This hilarious video truly pinpoints the experience many women of color face as entertainers. There needs to be a switch up! Young girls should be able to women of every color, race, personality, etc play unique, flawed, and challenging main characters. No more ” asian sidekicks” or ” sassy black friend” Lets see some change!



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